George Evans (b. 1948)

George Evans, Conga Drummer, 2009, watercolor, 20 x 14 inches, signed and dated lower right

George Evans is equally proficient in both abstract and figurative art. He also explores various themes and schools of art using a variety of media, including oil, pastels, photography, digital techniques, and watercolor. In fact, he has been concentrating on digitial techniques and watercolor for the last several years. His mentor for watercolor was William Pajaud.

“Since high school William Pajaud, a master watercolorist, has been a mentor and friend, ” Evans said. “It was he who encouraged me to do watercolors.”

Evans describes watercolor as a challenging but rewarding medium. “Only watercolor can capture the fluidity and the transparency of light in color,” he said. “Watercolor is like jazz rhythms for the eyes.”