Founded in 1988 by Eric Hanks, M. Hanks Gallery specializes in African American art. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, collages, assemblages and prints by some of the finest artists from the 19th century to the present day comprise the offering available through the gallery and from its extensive inventory of fine art.



Collectors at every level may need help finding artwork to meet their specific tastes and objectives. Hanks will utilize his knowledge, experience, and extensive connections with artists, collectors, and art professionals to help the collector locate and invest in the right works of art.


For over 28 years Eric Hanks has performed art appraisals for a variety of clients across the country. He is a certified member of the Appraisers Association of America and maintains compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Donations of art, buying the right amount of insurance, estate planning, selling art, or simply wanting to know the current value of one or more works of art are some of the reasons collectors seek Hanks´s appraising expertise.

Art Appreciation Seminars

A more knowledgeable and informed collector will not only make better art investment decisions but will also get a lot more out of collecting. From day one, M. Hanks Gallery has offered a variety of seminars designed to broaden horizons and deepen the understanding of art without relying on jargon or buzzwords. The list of classes include, How to Collect Art, Understanding Prints, How to View Art I, How to View Art II, Appreciating Abstract Art, Subliminals in Art, and African American Art From the 17th Century to the Present. These classes can be taught on location with prior arrangement. Simply contact the gallery to make it happen.

Art Purchases

Sometimes it is necessary or desirable to sell one or more works of art. M. Hanks Gallery pays a fair price and can complete transactions in a timely and efficient manner. Dedicated to quality and governed by the Golden Rule, M. Hanks Gallery has been and will continue to be one of the leading resources in the art world.